Do You Know What The Wood Boat Parts Are? You Should

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For ages people have been creating and doing wood boat repairs. Much has not changed where that is concerned. The boats have gotten more sophisticated with a lot more bells and whistles, but over all the wood boat parts remain the same.

Knowing what wooden boat part goes where and what its function is, can be a wonderful asset whether or not you are not the one actually doing the wood boat repair work. Understanding exactly what the professional is talking about is essential.

This is a basic overview of boat part 0. You may already know very well what they are, but there might be one thing that you didn’t know.

Parts you recognize:
Bow – This is actually the entrance of all boats. It is typically a pointed end of the hull. The fundamental function is to cut through the water with minor resistance. It is also made to be high enough above the water to prevent water from washing over the deck.

Deck – This is actually the top surface of the hull. In larger boats with cabins, this keeps water and weather out. For smaller boats it does the same for the hull. Furthermore, it stiffens the hull.

Hull – This really is main body of the vessel, including the bottom, sides, and deck. For wood boats this is typically made from planks. The hull is mostly underwater.

Stern – The back of the boat.

Parts you might know:
Bulkhead – This is actually the inside walls of the hull.

Cleat – A “T” shaped fitting to tie off ropes.

Frame – This is actually the transverse shaped wood that gives a wood boat its shape. They may be taken out after construction to save weight or to be reused.

Keel – This is actually the main central member along the duration of the bottom of the boat. The keel is a vital element of a wood boat’s structure. It tremendously influences turning performance.

Transom – A broad flat board at the stern. Transoms increase width and also buoyancy at the stern.

Parts you may not know:
Sheer clamp – The higher, inner longitudinal structural member in the hull. The topside panels are fixed to this piece.

Gunwale – The higher, outside longitudinal structural member in the hull.

Stem – A continuation of the keel upwards at the front of the hull

Carlin – A longitudinal strip parallel to, but inboard of, the sheer clamp that supports the inboard edge of the side deck.

Keelson – Is an inside beam fixed to the top of the keel. It strengthens the joint of the upper members of the boat to the keel.

Knee – A short L shaped bit of wood that joins and strengthens boat parts that meet at about sixty to one hundred twenty degrees.

Rib – A skinny strip of pliable lumber laid over the inside of the hull, at regular close intervals to reinforce the exterior planking.

Now when you have your wooden boat repaired or restored, you’ll know what the professional is talking about and where it’s located.

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