Dietary Fat And Function For Powerful Body Building

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A basic understanding of a daily diet including dietary fat should be a key aspect of an amateur bodybuilders knowledge set. However, I have known several bodybuilders well enough to realize they do not pay this too much attention. In fact, they work hard to eliminate as much fat from their diets as possible. Further complicating the problem, the fats that are ingested are not those that lead to overall health. In essence, bodybuilders are robbing themselves of important nutrients. Actually, proper nutrition is pivotal due to the intense nature of their training.

There are good and bad fats, and most of us have a pretty good handle on how to tell the difference. All of us, including bodybuilders, should focus on their intake of unsaturated fats over the consumption of less healthy saturated fats. Some of our nutritional needs like Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids cannot be fulfilled by the body’s internal mechanisms.

These Essential Fatty Acids that are found in the Omega acids are collectively designated EFA’s. The Omega 3 EFA’s can be readily found in wild caught fish such as salmon. Flax seeds, walnuts, and specific kinds of meat products can also be an abundant source of essential fatty acids. Making sure your diet contains enough Omega 3 fatty acids will help ensure the long term health of your heart and brain.

If you eliminate too much fat from your diet, you can essentially decelerate the advancement of your muscles and lower the speed at which you gain weight. By just limiting the fat intake more than necessary, the reality was spotted during some experimenting. What was found out was that too much lessening of fats produced a descent in the levels of testosterone which involved both total and free testosterone. The testing was not difficult and the results were categorical. After the test subjects could eat foods that had fat in them, then the testosterone levels went back to where they were usually at.

Increasing caloric intake maybe necessary to build mass. One option would be to incorporate some fat into your diet. Adding a small amount of saturated fats may be a good idea if you have eliminated them from your eating plan. In addition, you can take more EFA’s to increase your overall number of calories. Simply by taking one tablespoon per day of flax seed is a great way to get more essential fatty acids and increase your daily calories by 120. It’s important to get a small amount of saturated fats into your diet as well.

As you now know, bodybuilders as well as all people need dietary fat but of the right types. The problem for very many people, especially in the US, is so many processed foods contain saturated fats.

Because they train harder, bodybuilders have more comprehensive dietary needs. So the best approach is to make sure you are eating the healthiest fats in the correct ratios to everything else in your diet. When your diet takes that into consideration, you’ll soon realize success in your bodybuilding goals.

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