Choosing The Right Vintage Wooden Boat Plans

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Everything seems to go “retro”. Building an vintage wood boat from plans is certainly no different. But before you hurry out and buy your marine wood and epoxy, there are a few things you really should contemplate, particularly if this is your 1st attempt at building a small wood boat.

I say “small” simply because if this is your 1st attempt, you might want to attempt something small, like a model wood boat. With inexperience comes blunders and mishaps. When you’re going to the expense of building a classic wood boat, blunders could be costly, specifically in the event you do not know how to correct them. In addition, you do not want to take your boat out for its 1st launch and realize it does not float. This isn’t to say that every novice wood boat builder can not do it, but it does require some knowledge of carpentry, adhesives, and boat constructing in addition to the ability to read the plans.

So let’s say you’re taking on this venture, and the end result that is preferred is a boat that you could really use on a waterway. The very 1st thing to consider will be the purpose of your wood boat. Is it for cruising, speeding, fishing, rowing or canoeing? When you’ve established that you can start to look at wood boat plans for the type of boat you’ve selected.

When you’re looking at these boat building plans consider the area you’ve got in which you’re going to build your “antique” wood boat. Obviously the area in which you have to build it is going to restrict the size of boat you choose. This could sound amusing, but do not overlook about getting the boat out from the building. It’s less difficult to carry planks of wood through a doorway than a fully built wooden boat.

There are some pretty wonderful, truly vintage, wood boat building plans available on the internet. They may be the original plans from the 50’s, of course replicated for you to purchase, however they otherwise appear the same and have the same instructions.

Once you have decided which plans you like, in case you haven’t already, plan a budget. It’s said, in humor, that a wood boat produces a hole in the water in which you toss your money. In case you believe that it will be cheaper to build your dream vintage wood boat, you might perhaps be in for a shock. Your decision to build a boat is actually a labor of love and never an economical decision. That being said, the type of supplies you employ can change your budget. Bear in mind that low-grade marine wood isn’t a good idea for most construction.

Consider in your price range how you’ll power your boat. If it is a simple canoe or row boat, you’re in luck, if it is a motor driven boat you will add to the total cost. Unless of course you’re fortunate enough to reside in a property with a dock, you’ll also need to trailer your vessel to and from the water, yet an additional unavoidable expense.

Establish if you will be fiber glassing your boat as well. Is there anything that is completely out of your ability to do and will require you to hire some help, for example the electrical work? If that’s the case, include these expenses.

It really is perfectly feasible to build a wooden boat yourself, but perhaps it is worth looking into purchasing a vintage wood boat. Available are boats in Idaho which have been inspected, gone over with a fine-toothed comb and are ready for your summer pleasure. Several dealers will even look for the boat you want. You could find that a particular manufacturer produced a wooden boat that is exactly what you’re looking for and at a cost that’s well within your building budget.

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