Cheap Camping Equipment: How To Safely Store Your Camping Supplies

February 1, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

“Thank you very much, tasted great, please come again next year!” – This is the message the little bugger that ate your supplies last night might have left.

In Canada they got special tight fitting containers, where campers have got to keep their grub and leftovers at night, so bears don’t have a chance to help themselves.

You might not venture out to Canada, but anyway, there is always someone inviting himself to dinner! If you don’t carry tight fitting containers, put your meals and supplies in a plastic bag and hang it in a tree!

In the summer heat your eats will stays fresh and cool if you put it in a plastic bag, dig a little hole in the ground and burry it. A nice little brook will also do.

OK, so you packed the groceries, but you don’t carry any works, like camping stoves and pans in your Camping Gear? Don’t you fret; there are plenty of ways to cook a warm meal!

When it comes to cooking with an open fire, you’ll want to use the embers, because the heat emitted is more even and better than flames.

Meat and Vegetables: The simplest way is using sticks. Get a green limp and get the bark off at least on the parts above the fire. It needs to be long enough, so you don’t burn yourself.

Almost any kind of meats and vegetables can be skewered on a stick in little pieces and slowly cooked above the embers. If you don’t want to hold the stick the whole time, build yourself a makeshift support with an extra limp with a fork and weight down the end of the stick with a big enough rock to keep it inposition. You can even make your own skillet if you get a big, flat rock, clean it up a bit and put it right in the embers. It’ll heat up enough to be used as a frying pan for steak and other meats and vegetables. Of cause, you can always use the ever present tinfoil, as long as you dispose off properly after usage. Wrap whatever you got with one or two layers, tight the package up real good and put it into the embers.

You could even build a frying pan with strong enough tinfoil, use a stick with a limp-fork. This comes in handy if you want to prepare liquid meals like scrambled eggs or little pancakes!

All right, so you know you’ll still get by, even if you didn’t bring all your gear, like your Camping skillet.

It’s always a good thing to set up a list and mark every item off before you leave. You might not always be close to a city or town to simply buy whatever you forgot in the nearest outdoor shop. But, it doesn’t hurt to know what to do, just in case!

As always, good camping, my friends!

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