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Being Britain’s largest manufacturer of pool equipment means that they resolve many pool difficulties for numerous folks. They have superb goods which are domestically produced in the United kingdom. With confirmed longevity in the life of their pool equipment, they preserve Pool Heaters for things produced over the last forty years. Even having a inventory range of more than 3,000 products, they carry on to be revolutionary and include new things to the Certikin range.

New for 2012

• Fusion Color is an LED lighting system. The colours are changing to incorporate a special appearence to your pool. The system has a outstanding 50,000 hours of use. It is actually also appropriate for all swimming pool construction.

• Dolphin Bio-Suction is the very first of its kind. This robotic cleaner is particularly designed to clean bio and organic pools. It offers superb overall performance for pools up to fifteen meters. These pools which might be irregular shaped or with obstructions are completely no problem for this cleaner.

• EuroSwim Pump range powered by DAB. This is a self priming pump. It is available in .5hp to 3hp. The range is designed to be a centerfugal with higher effectiveness and minimum upkeep. The pump also offers a substantial capacity pre-filter for even less fuss.

• Certi-Skin is a spray applied membrane lining for the pool. So tough, Certikin guarantees it for 25 years. Suitable for almost any pool, new or old. Application and drying time is minimum, allowing for water to be placed back in the pool practically immediately on completion

• Baracuda MX8 high overall performance suction cleaner. Created to plug into any pool vac point. With its super broad cleaning scope bigger swimming pools are cleaned with ease. Furthermore, it has outstanding suction strength, parallel to none.

• Colorex Pro Pac “X” range with a new hot gas defrost system. The range is particularly designed for the Uk environment. You are guaranteed early season to late season use of one’s swimming pool in Northern Ireland. A titanium heat exchanger also tends to make it appropriate for all varieties of water treatment.

Regardless of what swimming pool equipment you obtain produced by Certikin, you understand you will be acquiring unsurpassed quality. You could rest assured that the pool equipment will live a extended life, if possibly, along the way some thing does have to be repaired you understand Certikin International maintains an enormous variety of spares and can probably be able to make the essential repairs. This quality saves you time and money, so you may spend it taking pleasure in your swimming pool or spa.

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