Camping with Children

June 25, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

There’s a lot of preparation and planning involved when you’re camping with kids and you need a lot of patience too. Kids are a lot of fun to bring along camping if you made the right preparation and planned well.

Considering the kid’s needs should be the top priority and you may have to make some sacrifices. Now while it sounds bad, I can assure you that it’s well worth it and the kids will love you for it.

Hiking, playing and exploring the great outdoors is simply rewarding as spend quality time with them. If you love you kids so much, you woudn’t mind putting in all the extra effort involved.

But just to help you get by before they drive you crazy and you want to pull your hair out, here are some helpful tips for camping with kids:

– Get the kids involved with the planning and preparation. Ask for their suggestions and ideas regarding camping activities and places to visit. Allow them to pack their own stuff but make sure you supervise them.

Children are more likely to act responsible if you show them that you trust them and value their opinion.

– You don’t need a high quality kids sleeping bag. A cheap children’s sleeping bag is sufficient.

– If you do backyard camping beforehand you’ll discover anything that you missed during planning and preparation so you can adjust accordingly.

– Elicit their help in setting up the campsite. Teach them how to pitch their own tents and ask them to help Mom with the cooking. No, they don’t need to chop and slice or boil water over the stove. They should only be involved with kid-friendly chores.

– To prevent unwanted incidents, set up some safety rules like not wandering too far away from camp and not eating wild berries.

– Do some campfire singing and story-telling.

– Take the kids on day hikes and show them the wonders of nature.

– Don’t forget to teach them how to keep themselves safe at the camp. No playing with fire and no swimming in the lake alone are just some of the many rules they have to be familiar about.

– Creating games out of camping chores will get the kids interested in doing them

– Kids love to play with binocular so take them birdwatching.

– Remember to take the insect repellent and sunscreen.

– Give your kid a flashlight or glow stick so that they feel more secured at night.

– Do some star-gazing.

– Remember the first aid kit.

– Have some night snacks. Not inside the tent of course. Before you go to sleep, a few chats and chips will surely be a great finale to a great day.

– Take some camping games for the kids.

– Be sure that you have a camera to capture the unforgetable experience.

Family camping trips are a fun way to spend quality time with your children. Although it takes double the effort, just seeing the delight on their faces or hearing their squeals of laughter all make the trip worthwhile.

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