Camping Trips And Family Bonding

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A camping expedition is an excellent opportunity for family bonding – specially around the camp fire and around a outdoor cooking stove.

Personal relationships are a highly influencing aspect of our development and perhaps the most important is family bonding. The special relationships between fathers and sons and mothers and daughter is based on the level and quality of the bonding between them. This is a basic structure that makes for healthy, or in unfortunate cases, unhealthy development. Much of what we become is influenced, positively or negatively, by our family relations.

Children need role models and the best ones are fathers for the boys and mothers for the girls. Positive role models, and unfortunately negative ones also, will have an impact on the child. With same sex parents the question arises as to the role model and i suppose the jury is still out on this.

One of the best and natural scenarios that promote bonding is camping trips. The hands on experiences make it the ideal occasion for sharing, interacting, teaching and just plain goofing off. Being away from the home, the television and all other distractions provides moments where sharing, talking, teaching and doing things together just flow.

Camping is for everybody, no matter age or gender. Young kids – even toddlers, teens, adults, grand parents, in fact just about everybody can enjoy camping out and with this all the opportunities of sharing, working together, cooking and even spinning a yarn while sitting round the fire. We sometimes forget that grand parents and older adults also contribute enormously to children having a good time and when this happens the family bonding goes beyond parents and child -the whole family can be involved.

The following are five ideas on the type of camping trips for you – the next step is up to you.

1. Plan a hiking trip. If your children are smaller, make it a short one, but help them appreciate nature. It is gratifying when you realize the closeness this type of trips builds up.
2. Fishing Expedition – Many fishing trips are one day affairs, but you can also go out for a two or three day camping trip with a lot of fishing added to it. These types of trips are also many times life lasting.
3. RV Camping Trips. One of the advantages of an RV camping trip is that the range of camping sites is larger simply because you can cover longer distances. You can also stop at various camping sites as part of the whole trip. Another advantage is that you combine both home amenities with contact with nature – days out and outdoor cooking (with your outdoor cooking stove) go hand in hand. Bonding is not exactly forced on you, but it is hard not to. The actual experience of these trips together with the memories that many times are also safe guarded by photographs provide great memories.
4. Backpacking Expeditions. In the family bonding type of trip, it is better when the children are no longer toddlers, maybe 8 upwards (depending on your child). This simply because there will be times you may have to help them along and there is the risk that the long looked forward to trip turns into a nightmare. Having said that, there is something about this type of trips that builds up confidence, create great and long lasting memories and are always an educational experience. Apart from all that they are fun.
5. Tents. The bottom line is that when you think about camping you always imagine a tent, a sleeping bag, the fire and a little cooking outside. For children these become moments they treasure and in the future will probably repeat with their own children. It is rare for a child to dislike camping out and there are so many places and locations you can go to, with the appropriate safeguards that it is really a waste not to take advantage of this. Family bonding comes so naturally when camping out that it can easily become a family moment to be repeated at least once a season.

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