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Hope for the best while preparing for the worst, it is a very true and useful proverb that you should stick to when you are going to a camping trip. It is quite understandable that you are expecting the shining sun and opportunity to spend a lot of time outside. And indeed there is a great difference between a pathetic weekend spent inside the tent because of the weather and a pleasant experience in the great outdoors.

So here are a few tips to make you happy during a trip. First of all, mind your personal apparel. You should not forget to bring along with you a waterproof hat that has a brim all the way round. Ball caps are okay too but they might not keep the rain water from running down the neck and it is quite unpleasant feeling so make your conclusions. The hooded rain coatsis a good choice though they may really diminish your side vision and hearing.

A really necessary items are a waterproof jacket as well as waterproof pants. It is better to choose something that is made with a breathable material. But also you must not forget about waterproof footwear, it can be quite essential during the rain.

Around your camp you should watch for a kitchen shelter to be with flaps all around, just believe that it is a smart investment. Such items are usually big enough to play games on the picnic table during the rain and besides they are more comfortable than sitting in a sleeping tent for a long time, particulary when you have to entertain thr choldren.

The next thing that you will have to do is to cover the firewood that you have collected. What could possibly be better than a warm fire after a cloudburst but fighting to make some wet wood burn is an awful experience that is full of dellusions.

Remember to take some interesting games along. You may choose a deck of playing cards or camping equipment like snakes and ladders for your children, but all this stuff will help you to spent joyfully a rainy day. Then the downpour becomes nothing more than a little trouble but still everyone is happy.

Rainy days can be also a good time to visit the local places of interest and attractions, perhaps even for going to the local theatre. You can make a long and pleasant walk or to paddle around the lake the next day.

If you have thought over such little things in advance and thus are well prepared then it will definitely help you to go through several damp dreary days. But do not be too enthusiastic, you should realize that sometimes it’s just not worth it especially if you have brought along your kids.

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