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Preparing Camping Food and Meals

I always try to to pack everything including your food the night before leaving. It always seems to take longer if you wait until the day you leave for the campground. If you should happen to live where you don’t feel that your items will be safe overnight in/on your vehicle, at least have it all ready to go the night before. If you get everything ready beforehand, all you’ll have to do is get up, have breakfast, throw the equipment in the car and go. Easy as 1-2-3.

This Is One Of My Favorite easy camping meals

Foil Dinner
12 Potatoes, partially cooked
12 Carrots (or other vegetable)
3 lb beef, Ground
Salt and pepper,To Taste
For single : Cut one potato into small pieces. Cut carrot
into sticks. Make a patty of 1/4 lb. ground beef (3/4 inches thick).
Place all ingredients side by side on a piece of foil. Season to
taste, wrap in foil and put packet into embers or onto grill. Cook 10
to 20 minutes.
Other combinations: Ham, pineapple and sweet potato; Chicken legs,
onion and potato; Hot dogs and onions; Hot dogs with cheese and
bacon; Hot dogs with apples and cheese.

Frying Pan Cookies
2 Eggs, unbeaten
1 c Sugar*
1 1/2 c Dates, chopped
Cook over a low heat for 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove
from stove and add 2 cups of Rice Krispies.
Roll in balls and dip in coconut.
*Would recommend from none to 1/2 c sugar. Dates, coconut and Rice
Krispies supply sufficient sweetening.

Preparing Your Food For – easy camping recipes

It’s easy to get tired of sandwiches after awhile so having some great tasting camping food recipes is a must when going camping. Camping out. Try the recipes at home first to see if your family likes them.

Use paper plates & cups (not plastic) that can be burned in campfire

Use block ice, instead of cubes to keep things cool, it lasts a lot longer. Block ice can be hard to find in some areas so make your own – make one or several large cubes at home (using old milk or plastic containers filled with water)

Make sure you have enough fuel for the camp stove for the entire trip

Plan your meals ahead don’t wait until after you get there

Prepare vegetables at home (the night before the trip) and store them in zip lock bags, prepackaged bags ‘o salad from the grocery is a great way to get your fresh leafy veggies

If you intend to carry cheese, grate the cheese ahead of time or buy pre-grated packages (put in cooler)

Buy Pringles canned potato chips – so they won’t get crumbled

Put your bread in a box – so it won’t get crushed

Use only pancake batter that mixes with water. (no eggs or milk needed)

Put only beverages in the cooler that will be consumed on the first day refill every night

Corn on the cob is a real camping favorite. Wrap corn on cob in heavy foil 3-4 times for cooking on the fire & rotate often, you can sprinkle a little salt on it before cooking also.

Camping can be the the best family experience of your life or the worst. Planning is a big key to camping bliss.

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