Buying Pontoon Boats For Fun On The Water

April 23, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

Few people consider boating to be an affordable activity. For one, the cost of buying pontoon boats alone can make taking on this hobby quite a luxury. But secondly boating can be quite risky. You need to have some expertise before you should even attempt to take a boat out to sea.

But all these reservations dissolved with the arrival of pontoon boats, or ‘toons’ as they are fondly called. Compared to other boats, pontoon boats are significantly cheaper. But more so, pontoon boats are way safer because it is quite steady compared to other boats in the market.

What is a pontoon boat? Quite simply, a pontoon boat is a flat-bottomed vessel that is supported by cylinder rafters in order to float.A boat can have two or more rafters depending on its size but what’s great about this unique design is that it requires no effort from the boater to stay steady. The rafters also protect the boat from collision damage.

Pontoon boats are an asset for recreation and profit-making purposes. Their most popular use is for fishing, water sports and swimming. Extreme water sports like water skiing can also be done using a powered-up pontoon boat.

You can customize your pontoon boat depending on your needs and preferences. Protecting your pontoon is easy with a pontoon boat cover.

The simplest pontoon boat is the single person kind, capable of carrying up to 300 lbs of weight. It can serve as your aid towards that needed retreat when you just feel like you need to get away from it all. These are the cheapest kind of pontoon boats which can go for as low as $200. Some models are travel-friendly; they can be folded to fit in easy-to-carry bags.

Others can be quite luxurious and complicated. You can make your pontoon boat as homely as possible, just add some lounge chairs and tables here and there. You can even make your pontoon houseboat two-storied! Some families buy pontoon boats just so they can have a vacation home!

You can also host your next socials in your pontoon boat. There are pontoons that can accommodate as many as 30 people!
Pontoons are great choices for party events because they are resilient against much pressure. Larger pontoon boats can be costly, with some going for as much as $35,000. But don’t you worry, you can also rent them for a fraction of their cost.

If you want to invest in pontoon boats for profit, consider using your boat as a public transportation. It may even be a touring vehicle or a diving platform for deep water areas. Environmentalists have also found pontoon boats as cheaper transportation for their studies.

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