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Are you like most people who go camping, I like to be outdoors. For lots of people camping is about roughing it but for lots of camping is a family experience and most of the time they want to be comfortable. The only thing that I don‘t like, or perhaps, will try to avoid, is to sleep on the ground, not even on a air mattress. I want to be off the ground to sleep.

If you are looking for comfort during your camping trip then camping gear sleeping cots should make a huge difference. If you have ever slept in a sleeping bag on the ground you probably know that it’s hard to get comfortable. No matter the ground you choose for your tent there will always be uneven ground to make you uncomfortable. So having a camping cots. is probably the best of thing to have as for as I am concerned.

Camping Gear Sleeping Cots can be inexpensive or expensive. What you use will depend on what you need to be comfortable. If you have a large tent, you can use one that is quite big like a single bed. If you have a smaller tent, you can find camping cots that are just a few inches off the ground and quite narrow. They can save space while allowing you to be more comfortable. sleep a lot better.

Where do you find good information on camping gear sleeping cots and which ones are the most comfortable for the price? Examination. The easiest way would be to compare camping gear sleeping cots. To do that you could use the internet by typing things like camping cots. Comparisons are just a few clicks away. Another way to do this would be to find a reputable online camping gear retailer, they will provide you with incredible knowledge, good prices and all the information you need to get the best camping cots.

When buying camping gear sleeping cots you do have a lot of choices. You can find single person cots, and you can also find ones that sleep two or more. Some are like old style army cots which have a sturdy frame and simple canvas to support your body, these sag in the middle. Some are flat like a small bed with a foam mattress.

Sleeping Cot Prices

You can buy a standard Army style cot for a round thirty dollars or sometimes for a lot less on eBay.

A very good sleeping cot is the LL Bean Swedish camping cots. These cots are of excellent quality. They are around eighty dollars. They also make another more luxurious version of this cot that comes with foam padding giving you more comfort for around one hundred dollars.

Cabella’s also has very good cots. These have a three inch thick foam pad and cost around ninety dollars.

Depending on your needs and your budget and the level of comfort you need, you will surely find the right tent cots for your needs. Take your time to gather enough knowledge and get the best camping gear available for the money.

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