A Couple Of Things To Contemplate Prior to Buying Large Camping Tents

July 13, 2011 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

First, how many people do you plan on being in the tent? Large tents can hold many people. Having about 30-35 square feet of floor space per camper is a good rule to use. Height should not be a issue. Most larger tents will reach at least 6 feet.

The next option to consider is if you want privacy. Tents are pretty thin but having a divider or two can really make things feel more private. Large tents come with many options and some even have rooms built in already. You could have different rooms for your family. You could have a room just for the parents and another room for the kids. Having a room just for your camping gear can make your sleeping and hangout areas more roomy. The options are really endless.

The good thing about large tents is that when the weather isn’t ideal you can hide out and still be comfortable. Camping is a event that can take place any time of the year so having the right kind of tent is important. Get a tent that has a good weather rating so it can take weather conditions you come across. As you know the weatherman isn’t always correct and you could be caught in a down poor when you thought it was going to be a clear and sunny day. You will want a tent that can tolerate heavy wind and rain. If you plan on being in very hot conditions you want to keep ventilation in mind also.

Knowing what options to choose when looking at large tents will greatly raise the experience of your upcoming camping trips. Camping is a great time for people to bond so make sure you take the time in picking the right tent.

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