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The A Class Mercedes concept is almost 20 years old. The concept was basic: develop a compact car that is light, sculptured and modern. They made a car that had enough rear space to transport a family while it was made with an impressive taste. In addition, Mercedes designed a car that was engineered with precision in order to incorporate the Mercedes brand.

A five door hatchback was the first generation of the A Class Benz. The hatchback was equipped with front wheel drive and a front impact absorption. This was a really unique departure from the standard Mercedes design. Moreover, the car has features such as electronic stability control and an improved suspension system. And after that each generation kept on bringing more and more features in the car.

The second generation of the A-Class Mercedes was a three door hatchback that sat lower to the surface as compared to it predecessors. This vehicle had several upgrades. Lots of different alternatives for airbags were introduced and the security features of the car were improved tremendously. The second version has back side airbags and side curtain airbags to help protect the passenger and driver. In addition, modified head restraints and super strong steel alloys round off the sleek design. This car goes at really high speeds thanks to the seven different sorts of motors and four cylinder engines.

When the brand new 2013 A Class Mercedes was revealed to critics, it received several positive reviews. This five door hatchback has totally changed the compact car era. The aviation inspired design is put together with futuristic engineering and it has astounded the entire world. The Brand New features include LED signal lights, a lower suspension, a turbo charged engine and a broader body. This Mercedes has a 210 horsepower engine with a dual clutch transmission. The showing of the brand new A Class displayed at the New York City Auto Show unveiled the vehicle’s radar based collision warning and adept brake assistance. This advanced security feature can warn the drivers of a potential crash. This modern technology is groundbreaking for the mini crossover vehicles that are available on the market today and sure to distinguish the A Class from the rest. Moreover, the car has a centralized display panel, which is ideal to sync all your smart technology and uses touch screen display which can be used to stay current with all that is going on in your life and your car.

The A Class Mercedes concept has always been crucial in creating a vision for the compact cars out there. It is made of the highest quality material and with the best design. The sleek and useful features of the A Class combine comfort with engineering. The result is a line of concept cars that have successfully advanced over the years and constantly raised the bar on security and power features. This vehicle will also assist in decreasing accident further by using the hi tech features such as brake assist and collision warning system. This Mercedes is surely a milestone for the iconic brand.

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