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September 7, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

Everybody likes get-together so everybody loves hiking! Here are the tips about how to organize aware camping? How to make everybody happy while camping? How to make amuses and entertains for everybody while camping? How to meet the demands of you granny, son and your husband (wife) at the same time? How will not meet the mistakes or troubles which can take place to appear? Here are the replies of all the questions we have counted! Just read it below!

If you have suggested to go camping you are statesmanship person, really! The camping is really swell and terrific thing which can amuse everybody! To make your camping or hiking swell you must plan everything, make up camping list, make up guest list (people who are going to go camping together with you), bring special food and drinks for camping, bring special things to make comfort and swell condition for everybody, take extra things for children, babies, pets (if you take them with you, of course).

So you have made the total preparing. That is terrific and now let us talk about the most popular camping mistakes. The mistake number one – making fire just in tent (because it is raining or it is snowing outside). By no means do not do it, it could be unsafe for you or for your children, relatives etc. There is no 911 in the forest, in the mountain. So, do the conclusion!

The mistake number two. If I am at camping I can have total relax, hah! No way. We do not want you to be worry about it, but if you go with children, pets or babies you have to pay them enough attention while camping because there may be some troubles while camping for them: waterfalls, storm, wild animals… Be careful and check everything out!
The third mistake – makes and prepare as much comfort as it is possible. If you have got the possibility to take a car – take it, if you can get the mountains (for instance) by plain and then rent the car -do it (of course if you have got enough money). It will be unforgettable and comfort for very person who are camping!

The next mistake while camping .Some people consider that camping – it is joining with the nature and they do not have to take any special equipment or even extra clothes and shoes! It is not true! You are not wild people; it is 70 per cents that you live in the city mega polis so you NEED it and you MUST take special equipment and extra clothes for every condition and every weather. You must have the equipment, clothes and shoes for everybody!

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