The Shortcut into Camping

September 5, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

The camping and hiking. What is this actually and what does it mean – to go camping with your family and friends? What should you take? What food and drink? Special equipment? Something special? SO the camping – this is the rest at the nature near the seaside or the river, top at the mountains or at the backyard of your house. The difference between camping and hiking is hiking usually get more days ( in another word you spend much time) as camping. And the other difference – camping may be by car, hiking – only on foot. To go camping is a complex case because you have to plan everything. Here are some tips for you: food – it is preferably to take vegetables, fruits and meat, equipment – it depends on place where you are going ( for the info click the link below the article or use searching internet pages), clothing – it depends on weather and condition too ( seaside –swim costume, mountains – warm clothes), fun and entertainment – Twister for everybody and gamble games for adult only are cool and in.

Now let us have a short talk about common mistakes while camping – remember them and will not do in a real life by no means! To make fire just in the tent, to have fun near the canyon, to stay near the wild forest, to make very hot fire and high one, to leave a trash after your camping or hiking, to dry your clothes at night on the top of the tent ( it will not become dry). Also while camping the major man of it, he planner in other words should be brave, honest, educated, skillful etc.
Warning! There are some skills and advices about bringing pets and children while camping or hiking. You MUST bring toys, eating/food, beds, clothes etc as for the babies as for pets. But if you have a chance to leave your child in the careful and comfort condition at come (with someone of course!) better do it.

And another thing about food – you can take everything except chocolate and thing that can be off in the future (milk and yogurts for example).
While camping or hiking you have to stay near the spring water to have it as much as you need and whenever you want.

It is very good if your planner is skillful and educated. But it will be better if every member of camp group will be like a planner, you can visit our page to see the skills, to buy the equipment, to see special video lessons and read some eBooks. We are the best because we deal with camping for years! Just click the link and make your dream come true!

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