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September 7, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

How to influence on your relatives and friends and make them go camping with you? If it is aware choosing and you are sure you want to go camping, let us start to prepare camping. Firstly you have to show this article to your friends who you want to take camping with. Just now we will count here how many ins camping has!

The in number one – camping is the best way to spend your weekend with friends and relatives at nature. You will be enjoying fresh air, water ( it is better to stay near the river or the sea) etc. The camping it is the best way to have a rest, and relax from offices, computers and boss.
The in number two – camping – it is tasty meal! You can prepare just what you make up! Special fresh juices, camping pies, sweets, potatoes and grill meat, barbecue etc. Everybody likes tasty food so camping it is tasty thing, by the way, is not it?

The thing number three – let every person donate something special for camping. Granny will bring her apple pie, daddy will repair the tents for everyone, and you sons will clean the slipping bags for everyone. It will be swell thing, and everybody will like camping because he or she has done a little investment to it.

Trust us – if you do all these things everyone – even person who hates camping and things like these will go camping with you! Now we have to make up and record the food and drink list, and the equipment one. For the food and drink list it is preferably to add fruits, vegetables, juices, vine, potatoe, meat and fish. If someone from your camp friends like exotic food bring it for the hiking – it will be a swell surprise for her or him! The next one list is equipment. As you may be have read in other articles the equipment list depends on where you are going:

1) If it is mountain take double-warmed sleeping bags ( you can do it by means of the car if it is possible) for everybody, tents to make warm condition etc. Do not stay out in the cold!

2) If it is forest, river, seaside or waterfalls everything is much easier. Some simple sleeping bags, uncomplicated tents and simple food. You can even do not take your car for the camping or hiking.

As you see the main thing for hiking or camping is to plan everything and make up the lists of food and drink, equipment etc. To get more info about camping or hiking, skills and knowledge about it, talk to the statesmanship of hiking click the link below. You will find lots of interesting articles and items about how to prove your camping. Join us and have the best hiking ever!

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