Plan for Rescue Before Your Trip

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The time to prepare to be rescued is before you ever need to signal for help. Following these survival tips will greatly help. When you travel, leave an itinerary of your trip with a responsible, trusted person at home. Include times that you anticipate being at specific places. Indicate wherever you’re traveling, your path, and the time you’re anticipated.

If your itinerary changes, let your contact person know right away. List any possible alterations to your route. Arrange planned gathering places in case members of your party get split up. Rescue workers will more easily locate you if you become lost.

It’s also helpful to include entries about the physical condition of the group members, medicines, tents, clothes, water and contact information for immediate family and physicians.

“I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.” Daniel Boone

If you find yourself “confused” and in need of rescue there are a variety of ways to let your rescuers know your location.

You can utilize a variety of materials to signal for help including fire, smoke, flashlights, brightly colored clothing, reflective mirrors, whistles, or electronic devices. The ability to calm yourself will enable you to creatively consider ways to alert rescuers to your location. Knowing how to accurately assess your options can save your life.

If you should lose your way, your position should be marked right away. Pile some rocks together, bend some branches, or create some other easily recognizable sign so that you will know the spot. Your home base is now established. If you decide to try and make your way out, this is where you will return for another try if your first attempts fail. This will also be the place you wait for rescuers.

If you choose to move away from your base, leave a note at the marker. Announce your plans and your travel direction. As you move along your path, mark your way with piles of rocks, broken sticks or some other sign at even intervals. These markings will help search teams determine your location.

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