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If you a citizen of dusty megalopolis and you have got tired from all the stresses and other negative factors of the life in a city, the best choice for you is to go camping. Your very first camping trip can be made better by taking the next steps. This article will give you some advices of how to make the very first your trip most enjoyable.

At first you should know that it is always better to think and to choose a camping place before the adventure starts. You have to define what exactly are you expecting. It could be either an absolutely wild place that is situated far from civilization and in this case you will not be satisfied by a commercial campsite. But you should take into consideration that if it really is your first time the commercial campsite is not a bad choice for you. It is safe enough and also comfortable for the beginners. But if you are going to camp together with more experienced people then it is okay to go righr into the wildness.

If it is possible try to make some essential thing for camping till you are at home, then it would be easier for you during a real camping trip. If you are not aware of how to tent, this false camping at home will show you some problems you may have and will also make you more confident to erect a tent at the campsite.

When you are already at the camping place that you’ve chosen, avoid setting your tent on too close distance to others, remember that it must be about 6 steps between the tents. The fire safety and the privacy are the main reasons for following this rule.

When you are looking for an exact place to set the tent, you’d better not choose the low parts of the ground, as in case of rain water will be here first and this might be extremely uncomfortable. Also try not to erect the tent under trees if you have such a possibility. The reasons for this is the danger that trees can be fraught with in thunderstorms or windy weather.

You should realize that if the weather conditions are likely to be windy, it is important to set your tent near a kind of shelter for instance near the walls. Shade from such shelters will also save your skin in hot weather but do not try to go inside the tent when the temperature is high enough because it could get rather hot inside.
Make certain that your sleeping bag is warm enough for the season during which you have chosen to camp otherwise you might not get a comfortable sleep.

Only in case you are properly prepared for the adventure in the wilderness – you can enjoy about camping holiday. Make sure to check this camping shop for the great camping tent propositions (and not only camping tent).

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