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The families that plan its activity are a one who will stay together and friendly forever! ONE of the best activities especially for yond families are hiking and camping together! Even it is a baby now in your family! But you must know what to bring for hiking with baby: equipment, gear and all the small things. How to make up and make the cool camping come true?

First of all you have to protect your baby from fire and water: two the most dangerous things. You will have to spend as much time with your baby while camping as you can. Don’t make a fire near the babysit or in the tent actually! (Yes-yes, case like this had a place to be!). The second one – you have to make camping to be comfort and easy for your child. Don’t forget all the small things: forks and spoons, baby`s carriage, baby’s dummies and other ones. Also you must have extra shoes and warm clothes even not only for the baby!

Of course by all means you can’t forget about bottles for your child! It will make you weekend or trip easy and comport for you and for every member of you family! Just trust us – we have checked out it.
The stroke of luck will catch you if you do special camping list of things, equipment you need. You can even do more than one list. For example it can be three lists:

– Food and drink list
– Equipment list
– Baby`s gear and things list
– Fun and entertainment list (journals and papers, gamble games and etc.)

The caps and sun block lotion or creames are need taking if it is summer now. In adition: if you will stank on near the water take some toys for your child to make him (or her) dealing with something. And you will have hot stuff of your party camping!

Of course it is okay to take camera or photo. Just imagine how inherently it will be watching your camping on video, DVD or photos on the notebooks! The best family moments! That the major thing in our life is it not?!

In fact you can visit us to get some lists and plans for camping. We also have got baby`s list and things selling for hiking and camping. Don’t make troubles with things and equipments – if you have no equipment just call or visit our site and we will help you! We will take you aback with our special baby camping wide choose and things! Don’t be on the threshold! Just visit up and make you camping unforgettable and unbelievable! It is possible – dreams are coming true actually! You have to click only.

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