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Camping tourists have always relied on their lanterns to light the way. But modern market of camping equipment can offer the lanterns more powerful and varied then ever before. In our time the camping lanterns are represented in such a variety of styles that you can find something perfect for every occasion.

Today three principal types of camping lanterns exist: powered by kerosene, propane or battery. The kerosene powered one has a flammable liquid inside. A candlewick is interjected into the kerosene and lit by means of a match or a lighter. For flame protection a glass globe is put over the wick. A small pimple controls the level of fire; the lower the flame is , the more vague is the light. Kerosene lanterns can be easily found in the shops today and they are still popular among camping tourists.

Another kind of a camping lantern is the propane lantern. It is quite similar to kerosene in a way it works, but propane lanterns are filled with fuel like propane and they are wide-spread in using among campers. Their main advantages are significant convenience in use and producing bright light when it is lit. You can find propane lanterns in most sport goods stores where they are always available.

Battery powered lanterns can be rechargeable and these are the most widely distributed among the battery powered models. It is not difficult to guess why it is so. In case of using a rechargeable battery lantern, the customers should not worry about dead batteries. If you like this model the most and are going to look for it in the stores, pick the one that can work for five or seven hours without a charge. You will be glad to know also that the rechargeable lanterns are eco-friendly thanks to the fact that they do not use non-durable batteries which you have to throw away. Remember, though, that for rechargeable battery lanterns you will have to find a power source. Without the source that is powerful enough, camping tourists will not be able to recharge the lanterns with energy. A most spread power source is a twelve-volt car chargers as well as you can use for this purpose AC adapters that are built into a car’s cigarette lighter.

In a great number of the rechargeable lanterns is employed so called LED technology. It is quite innovative and consumes small amounts of energy although can create a n extremely bright light. LED technology also is good to conserve the life of the battery, which saves the tourist from permanent need in recharging it. If you are a bit limited in money then it is a suitable choice for you to purchase low energy fluorescent tubes.

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