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Three things you need for camping and hiking. In the World Wide Web there are many articles and tips about hiking and camping. Today we want to show the major things in the camping – three ones: there are food, rest and clothing. So you are going camping and this is the first time you are going. We want to introduce you valuable tips and items about camping. There are there ones as we said and here they are:

1)Food. While Camping you have to eat more fruits and vegetables. It will give your organism fresh and fit. You also have to have meals like these – meat with a couple of potatoes, fish and some chips etc. The water balance is also important and essential for you. You have to drink more than 1,5 liters per a day – 2 liters per a day – the ideal way! What about food anything else? Oh you should be very selective when you are shopping food especially in the markets, on the factory products you have to look the «BEST USE BEFORE» and other control things. Be careful buying vegetable an fruits too – it can be injured so you will be injured too. You do not want it to happen, yes?

2)Rest. Monday – mountains, Tuesday – 23 local museums, Wednesday – sea and swimming pools, Thursday – football and baseball… No, you have to give yourself enough rest because the irganizm which has no enough rest take the illness faster and easier. Your sore throat, headache – this is the popular symptoms while rest, if you want to be cold while camping have enough rest – lie reading the book, watch TV or listening to the music, for example classical kind. And of course for camping or hiking take the medicine – anlagen, penicillin and other ones. What medicine you can find out asking your own family doctor or using Yahoo, Find or Google search systems in WORLD WIDE WEB

3) Clothes. The clothes are quite important thing while camping. If you are going to get the Everest you have to buy and to bring with you special equipment, clothes and other things to feel the comfort while climbing. If you are going to spend your camping near the seaside you have to take swimming costumes, light dresses etc. If you are going to visit museums and other cultural places you have to take casual wear – T-shirts, shorts, skirts, golfs…

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