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August 24, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

What a great thing – camping! Every new season brings us something new! But every ones bring some stupid things and cases. Today we will tell you about the most twelve stupid thing while camping. Read some stories and remember don’t continue and duplicate this mistakes. Then if you will want to find out more mistakes or read more info and even see videos visit our site, the link of which one is in the end of the text.
SO here are the most popular mistakes :

The first mistake. It is snowing or raining outside so lets make the fire inside the tent. No way! By no means do it: in can be rather dangerous for every member of your camp group expectably for the children!

The second one. There are many folk nearby and you wanna be apart with you group or friend or family. So let us stand near the river/sea. Stupied idea att all. You will be surprised while waking yp : your tent will be wet and you will dream about dry blanket or plaid!
The third stupid thing. Teating the hot soups or toffees with your fingers. Wanna your fingers be injured? If no don’t do it.

The fourth mistake. You want to drive away from folk to get some closely places. It can do only none too clever person. The first case is your valuable thing can be stolen in one moment and the second one: if you go by the car you can get dirty places so you will have to take out you car with rope.

The fifth one. Don’t leave food and drinks in the camp. It can to attract animals and flies. And the second case: if it is busy season so hot time dont leave even fruits and vegetables because it can be spoilted. Use cool bags they help.

The sixth mistake. Make a camping nearby the edge of a cliff. If someone will go to the toilet at night and will not see the end of the cliff the consequences would be terrible. Keep a cool head!

The seventh one. So you have had a dinner. Let`s do the washing up in the river, sea or a reservoir which you near are. And than it the evening lets swim in the same water! Don’t do it by no means! Are you as wise as Solomon?

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If you want to know how to keep the cool head in different situations while camping visit and join us! You will have the best camping ever!

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