How To Purchase The Ideal Tent For Camping

November 29, 2008 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

When you go camping, if there is one thing among all your other camping equipment that is essential to a perfect camping trip, it is certainly your tent. The choices for picking out a tent may seem endless, so to choose the right one for you, below are a few recommendations.

From considering the size of the tent to its material, these tips will help you narrow down which tent will be most suited for your trip.

Who Will be Joining You?

First, you need to consider how many people will be staying in the tent. If you are traveling by yourself, then a single person tent should be fine for your needs.

However if you travel with your entire family, you may need a tent that has sufficient capacity for many additional people to sleep, and even some “rooms” in which to hang out. After all, once you’ve driven to a park and set up camp, it’s not like you can simply jump into an RV if you later determine you haven’t sufficiently prepared for the number in your party.

All tents should clearly state how many people can fit comfortably in them to help you avoid the packed-in-like-sardines syndrome.

Seasonality Matters

Second, look at where and when you plan to go camping. Depending on the season, you may actually need a different type of tent. There are many tents designed for at least three seasons, and some that are specifically geared toward only one.

Consider also whether you will be carrying this tent in a backpack or hiking with it. That issue alone may change your preference for the size or weight of your tent.

Consider Your Expenses

Third, factor in your overall budget. Tents can be very pricey once you start to get into the larger sized options. If you need to remain within a smaller budget, avoid the temptation to look at huge tents that have added rooms, such as screened in sections and skylights.

They may make you drool, but if you don’t have the funds, avert your eyes. Pup tents are the most budget friendly, but are of course very small. There are tents, fortunately, that compromise somewhere between the bare minimum and luxury.

Don’t Get Weighed Down

Finally, as mentioned earlier, consider the weight of the tent. Even some of the larger tents come in lighter weights so you can hike and carry it at the same time without too much exertion.

They fold down relatively easily but may be bulky or heavy, so you need to determine the most convenient means of transporting the tent to your site. The larger tents are best brought by car, whereas 2-person tents are normally fine for hiking.

What’s it Made Of?

By evaluating the tent material used for your particular camping season – as well as whether it offers any amenities such as mesh panels – you can more easily locate and purchase a tent that will truly suit your purposes.

Take the time to find just the right kind of tent because you will need it to protect yourself from the elements and give you the comfort you need to enjoy a great camping trip.

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