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August 30, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

Five things which you have to have for the hiking or camping. Often our camping becomes boring or unsafe because of someone did not bring special equipment, food or fun for the hiking. Why is it this way? Because first of all going camping you have to plan your way and make a list of food/drink, hiking rquipment,fun things ( we mean electronics or games) not only for the children! But today we will talk about the most necessarily things which you must take for the camping or it should be terrible and bad one.

The thing number one is flashlight. For example, your baby took your T-shirt into the big bush some time ago. No it is night and you feel cold so you need your T-shirt again. What way will you been finding it? By all means – it will be easier to get your shirt with the flashlight. Or your pet want to eat immediately – you want to find pet`s food. Just use the flashlight and life is okay!

The thing number too. Of course the food and drink. But in this advice we want you to say: it is preferably to take for the hiking this food:

– Crisps and chips
– Sweets and candies ( no chocolate)
– Vegetables and Fruits (the best one for the camping!)
– Meat and bread. Easy and fast meal – this is hamburger, so let’s take some cheese, meat and bread for the camping.

The thing number two. Camping tents and sleeping bags for everyone. The last one is the best way the spend the night in the arm condition and the first one will protect you from the rain or snow etc.

The thing number three. Books, notebooks or magazines to make your camping fun and technicolor. You can also take newspaper, Twister, different games etc.

The thing number four.Changeble boots or shoes. There is no matter – you are at the top of the Everest or you are near the sea – you have to take special shoes for the camping ( if you are at the mountains special alpinists shoes, if you near the sea simple flat shoes)

The thing number five. Special thing for the babys/children and pets. The pets and children need more care then adult folk. So just imagine how wrong it will be if you don’t take special thing for the children (baby`s sit, milk, Pumpers) or pets (food, toys etc.) So we understand case after case – plan everything to make your camping ok!

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