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August 27, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

Camping. The prons and cons of the one. The camping is one of the best ways to spend your time with a family couple. Barbecue at the backyard, meal in the mountains or rest hear the sea or river? Your choose and it is up to you. In fact in every case there are ins and outs and camping or hiking are not including something. Today we will try to find out the prons and cons of hiking. Let us introduce it you you! The INS:

– You can have a great trip with your family in the countryside or wherever you want
– You can take your pets with you (dog/puppy or cat/kitten) it will be enjoin camping together with you
– You can think about nature and camping only. No job, no office, no boss.
– You can do the exercise with getting up to the mountains or just walking while camping
– You can bring children for the hiking (even baby’s if you have got special equipment and thing for the child hiking)
– You can have a weekend (two days and one night) so you will have a camping with night

You can have a rest from the couple of electrics (TV, DVD players, computer etc.)

And the outs. There are ones too; it is a pity, but…
– You will not be able to take a shower for some days
– The babies and pets can bring lots of troubles and they also need care every time
– The mobile phone may be out of service. So if something happens you are not EVEN ring up for the help
– You can have sore struggles with the weather cause it can bring everything even what we do not want
– If it is raining you will have no fire (so no hot food, no hamburgers, no soup, no tea)

You can go camping but firstly you have to make up a plan of the thing and equipment you need for the camping. Baby`s chair? Plastic plates? Toys for kids? The «Hills» for the pets? Everything you have to include to the camping list.

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