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The camping list – what should you bring for the camping? Today we will not be moralizing about camping and hiking, its ins and outs, mistakes; We just provide you some lists for the camping. So if you are going for camping or hiking you must plan everything. You have to make up three lists at all. There are three lists – food and drink list, equipment list and little (special) things list. SO let us start.


It is preferably to take for the camping fruits and vegetables because these product are good in keeping and carrying. So you can bring for the hiking:


-potatoe ( you can fry it with the pieces of meat)
– carrot (children like it so much, especially with apples)
– tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce (just add vinegar oil or lemon juice and you will get your camoing salad!)
– mushrooms and aubergines ( these foods are delicious and tasty)
– red pepper and broccoli to fry it too


Here everything is easier. The one thing you have to remember- there are some fruits you do not have to bring for the camping, they are: strawberry, raspberry, pineapples, and peaches. They will not stay in the good condition while camping. But you can brink another ones for the camping! Here they are: apples, banana, oranges, pears, watermelons and melon, plumbs etc.

What about meat and seafood? It depends on your liking. If you like meat you can bring beef, veal, lamb, pork or chickens. If the seafood is by your liking just bring salmon or prawns, oysters or mussels, lobsters or crabs – the select belongs to you!

The next list will be about camping equipment. Here is the equipment list and things you need for the one person:

Good tent
Quality sleeping bag (if you are going in the mountains it has to be double-warmed)
Warm clothes
Warm shoes
Hot coffee, tea and drinks to get warm

It goes without saying that the equipment list depends on the place you are going. For instance if you are going to go for a camping in the forest there will be much more things in the equipment list, if you are going to go hiking to the seaside there will be the thing such swim suites, balloons etc. And remember that good planning is the low of swell camping!

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