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August 24, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

Do you love camping? And do your friends love it too? Who does not love it? Funny, terrific and comfort weekend for the whole family! What can be better? The camping is the great change to have nice outdoor rest with your parents, children or even home pets! But to be on camping with comfort and convenience you must have:

– The food and drinks list (what to bring, fruits and vegetables, tea and coffee, etc)
– The camping equipment list( tents, sleeping bags, umbrellas and other things for the camping rest)
– The fun and games list ( twister, gambling and other games by your liking)

So if you have got these three lists that is great! It helps you to bring all the things to the camping and don’t forget something. Don’t forget to put into your list camping items: matches, spoons and forks, hats i and slippers and other things which will bring you extra comfort.
But the most obvious one thing you must bring to the camping of course food. 56 per cents of Europinian and American folk tell that the camping food is the main thing while hiking! Your best would be something like this: bread, fruits, chrisps, patatoe, resh juices, yougurts and hamburgers. Cola and other sodas are possible to and it is okay to bring flavored drinks, but be very selective because many of goods can’t be in camping conditions. We advice you do not to take marshmallows and chocolate sweets – it can melt or fuse just in camp so chocolate pillows or marshmallows plaid it is not okay thing.

The second major thing as we have told – the camping equipment. Backpacks, coolers and sleeping bags – these small things must be in every equipment camping list. If you will stand on near the river, sea or the waterfall take umbrellas for tent necessary.

The next and the third thing you have to have are the good get-together and people with you. It does not mean as many people you take as better. Only friends witch in the closely relationships with you, relatives and children.

The last moment is the fun. Take something not to be bored, not just only lie and eat, moving, moving, moving!

Camping is terrific fun and it depends on you how you will decide to spend it: it would de passive rest near the river or active outside weekend with friends on the seaside. Now we can offer you take some videos and skills on our site. So you will find out:
– How to make special food and drinks for the camping
– How to protect children from fire while camping
– How to bring some fun to your camping.
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Only those who are properly prepared for the adventure in the wilderness – you can enjoy about camping vacation. Make sure to check this camping shop for the great camping tent propositions (and not only camping tent).

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