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August 22, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

When it is time to go camping and you are ready there are questions always. What will take on camping to be in comfort? And what food do you have to take? Let`s talk about it. If you`re going by car – its great – you can take everything you want – games, tents! But by all means you have to make a list of thing to take on hiking. We have decided to help you with this problem.

Firsty,we have divided the goods, the things and the food by different parts. Lets start:

The things which will make you feel comfort (the sleeping bag which will present your back soft and comfort dreams), the tent (and you have to count how many people will go camping; the tent will protect you from rains and thunderstorms), a torch ( if you want to have a supper in lights or you must find your notebook which your child had left anywhere – it will help you by all means!), matches ( no comments! Preparing a food, get a warm air and nice looking of your camp – this is a fire actually), knife and hatchet ( thing which will help you to cup up the firewood).

The second section is food and water. There are some fruits you can take preferably : apples,oranges,raspberry,peaches,cherries,melon,plums,banana; the vegetables: potatoe,peas,onion,carrot,mushrooms,celery,red pepeer,tomato and cucucmbers.You know better than we what should you take except fruits, vegetable and drinks. Simple food which you can carry simple and in comfort.

Clothes. First of all you have to worry about warm clothes. Here are example of what clothes you have to take with: jacket, gaps,T-shirts,jumopers,socks etc. But the weather can present everything and if it will be so sunny or warm we give an advice: take these things with yourself: sunglasses, hat to make the sun off, sweet and fresh water.

Lastly, if you want your camping to be funny and you do not want it to be dull we advise you to take some games or you can make up some competition with prices for every member of your family of for your friends. And if you want your hiking or camping will be comport just take these things: umbrella, towels, small table and a little grill.

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