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August 14, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

In our urbanized epoch when every little bit of the environment is anthropogenic and great part of population lives in cities, who doesn’t want to escape from the concrete prison of everyday routine? Is there anyone who does not long for temporary liberation and for getting away as far as possible from usual matter-of-factness? The answer to this desire is quite simple. It’s camping. A camping trip lets oneself to feel free, to breathe fresh air almost not spoilt with car exhaust fumes, to become closer to the nature. But there are some rather useful facts that one should take with when going on a camping trip.

First of all, one should think about food. It’s evident that if you’re traveling to the wild nature, there are no shops ans supermarkets to buy a pack of cheaps in case you become hungry. The next question is what kind of food you’d better take with you.

Apparently there is no place for exquisite food that is hard to cook and get spoilt fast in such a tour. One should be provided with the tinned products, for example tinned meat, because meat is nourishing and thus very useful in rather exhausting conditions. Then other recommended products are any cereals like pearl barley, buckwheat, it might also be rice, then bread and some fruits for a snack.

Concerning drinks it’s good to take along carbonated sweet water but only if you realize that when used without carefulness it can be the reason of insect invasion on your tend, so think twice before doing this.

Next very important thing that you have to be sure not to leave at home is your equipment. Remember to take your sleeping bags and a tent where you spend the night and check if it has a mosquito net ‘cause it could be very helpful if you’re staying in a forest and especially near a lake or a river. Apart from a tent you’d better bring along a roomy knapsack to put into it a cooler if it is necessary, all your food, clothes and any other thing that tends to be quite useful in a camping tour. For instance, it is good to have a fishing rod with you in wild conditions so that in case of loss of your food you could catch and cook some fish.

Talking about clothes you should understand that the weather can be very changeable so it’s better to have not only summer garments but also something warm to put on in case of bad weather. The same thing concerns your foot gear.

But the most important thing in every comping tour is to have a company of good friends with you.

Only in case you are nicely prepared for the life in the wilderness – you can enjoy about camping vacation. Make sure to visit this camping shop for the great camping tent offers (and not only camping tent).

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