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August 15, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

So you have decided to set up a journey in the wild together with your family. That’s a great idea, very healthy spending of time, bur as fast as you have made this decision you have got some trouble with preparations. First of all, the problem that is worth most of your attention is the selection of a campground. It can very tricky business sometimes, because you have to please all of your travelling companions. So let’s get started with our discussion.

If you have kids it’ll be to the point to ask yourself what activity your children like the most. If they are scouts and like to discover new species of flora and fauna, you can set off in the direction of nearby forest. In case the kids are fond of swimming, look on a Google map for a camping place near a lake or a river with pure water and make sure that there are no dangerous animals in that area.

Another good option is to go sightseeing during a camping trip so that there will be much more interesting activities and neither your kids nor you will be bored in the journey. Just imagine a huge ancient castle that is rising proudly on a green hill near a vast lake with pure blue water, and every tiny detail of surrounding beauty has its history and is covered with legends. Sounds like a perfect camping place for your
family? Well, then go and find the similar one that certainly is situated somewhere non very far from your home. By the way, it would be a smart step to make a historical research of the area you have chosen. All of the accompanying relatives will be glad to hear some interesting historical fact about the camping place.

When you are already on a site comes the time for camp setup. It would be much better if your kids take part in this as well as the rest of the companions. Why is it so important? Because when you are busy in putting up a tent and making everything else to be ready for use, you can not watch so carefully after the children, that is why is better when they are setting up the camp abreast with you. Besides, an additional help won’t do any harm. The kids can pick up the litter left after other tourists or gather some wood for the fire, while you are doing harder work.

When everything is done, it’s just the time to make a fire and cook something delicious ‘cause there is no person who refuses to refresh the force eating a good portion of a meal.

When the night comes, all of you can sit around the fire and tell each other interesting stories, and that’s just the right time for legends you have learned about that very place.

Have a nice holiday and don’t forget that a camping trip is a good way of relaxing and family activity.

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