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September 15, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

The hottest camping mistakes. Going camping do not give a way to despair because just now you will be reading hot mistakes and out which you can meet while camping. How make the camping without mistakes and outs? How to plan the perfect one? How make everybody feels comfort and terrific condition? How to make the tasty food and drinks for the camping? What equipment should you take for the camping or hiking? And what about children? So, what about pets? What special thing and equipment you have to take for the children and pets? Should you take a TV or DVD players or any other kind of electronic for the camping? What clothes and shoes should you bring for the camping? How to see the weather and what will be better one for the camping? What place should you use for the camping? Forest? Seaside? The place near the waterfalls or mountains? May be just the back of your yard? The select is wide as you see and it belongs you only.

The first mistake of camping ( at it is the most popular) : people think that they do not have to plan something for the camping. Eventually when they are having camping they realized that they had forgotten forks, balloons ball and the warm clothes and this is the cause of their returning home. Everybody is bored and tired, you had no truly camping… we hope you saw the mistake, so you have to plan everything which connected with food and drinks, clothes, equipment etc.

The next mistake. Your family has some equipment for the camping in the forest or near the sea when the weather is fine and it is about +25, but yesterday you decided to go to the mountains. You also decided you have no needs to buy some special equipment – you had already had – your summer-spring one. It is big blunder because most of the mountain has the cold climate, so REMEMBER! You have to take each kind of equipment for the each condition, place etc! If you do it the other way round it will finish bad for you and your camping first of all.

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