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September 6, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

The camping mistakes and unfamiliar things. How to prove the condition of the camping and what should you do if there are some mistakes about camping? What should you bring for the camping? What food, drink and equipment?

You will not ask you these questions next time because just now we will talk about the most popular mistakes while camping. If you read this article you will now it and your camping will be terrific without any faults and mistakes! So, let you go!

The first and the most stupid thing – LET US MAKE THE FIRE JUST IN THE TENT! – because it is raining ( or it is snowing) outside. No way by any means! This thing can suggest five-year-old child only, really! To make fire inside (especially while camping or hiking) it is so unsafe for you, you relatives, friends, your pets and children! There are no fire stations or 911 at the top of Everest or in the forest. So do not do stupid mistakes and the camping will be perfect!

The thing number two. WE HAVE TO TAKE AS LITTLE THINGS AS WE CAN. No way either. If you are going to sleep in the cool condition without comfort – you are welcome, but if you want to make perfect condition for everybody who is camping, if you want to get sleep in the warm sleeping bag, if you do not want to stay out in the cold take all the equipment and things you need. For instance, here is the equipment list for one person you need:

1 sleeping bag
1 tent (for 4/5 persons – it depends on the size, width and length of the tent)
Warm clothes (hat, scarf, pants and coat)
Warn shoes and socks
Hot tea in specials bottle to get warm if you feel cold

The next one mistake while camping- CHILDREN ARE HAVING CAMPING OR HIKING, THEY ARE PLAYING AT THE NATURE OR CONTRYSIDE, DO NOT BE BUZZY PARENTS, JUST LET US LEAVE THEM ALONE. It is unsafe thing to leave your children alone while camping or hiking. There is much danger if there will be waterfall, river or sea nearby. If you see our point (we hope you think so) please give enough attention to your children – bring special games for the camping, take the DVD players to take children attentions with the cartoons and movie. The select is limited with your imagination only! If you are internet with camping and hiking if you want to get more advices, tips about having a rest in the countryside or at the nature if you want to buy some equipment for the camping visit us! We deal with camping equipment for ages and we will help you to select whatever you want be all means! Make the perfect camping for the whole family!

Only those who are nicely prepared for the adventure in the wilderness – you can get the best excitement about camping holiday. Make sure to check this camping shop for the great camping tent propositions (and not only camping tent).

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