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August 31, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

So the camping. What is the camping and why people do lots of mistakes while camping or hiking? Because of no skills and knowledge about how to camp. This article is devoted to the camping problems and mistakes. So let’s talk about top ten hiking mistakes during the rest.
The mistake number one. Let us take chocolate , candy and sweets for the camping! It is brilliant way to have tasty fooooood! Yep! Right way! By no means bring sweets for the camping. It just will be thawed and you have no pleasant felling and tasty food at all. Just chocolate hands and shoes. Do you really want it?

The fail thing number two. Let’s take the pet for camping! Oh, my little kitten (or puppy or rabbit) ho it will be cool to show you what camping and hiking are!
No way pets! It can be ill, bad-felling or the other thing will happen. Don’t do terrible things with your lovely pet.

The mistake number three. SO if у are going to have camping I will not take a eyelet for my dog. There is no use… I just wanna it to have fun with nature not control.
Be careful! Yes fun it is good but you have to control your pat anytime, anywhere.

The fail thing number for – the babies MUST be with us while camping! They are our family so if the couple of family is out it is so-so pity.
Ok. Children are having hiking or camping ok too. But you have to think about everything before not to destroy injures after. Parents be careful!

The next one. Number five. I have to take everything (and everybody: lol:) I can carry… My favorite fashion jacket, sleeping pillow and of course lots of cosmetics! Moisturizers and sticks for lips and , and…
Stop. Yes you have to take as many things as you need but in a normal way. And it has more sense if you go by foot! Take everything you need for the CAMPING not for the «I want to shine like a star while camping».But in a every way you can take moisturizer and smt simple one.

The mistake number six. So I will take my:
– DVD players and 56 CDs
– Music Centre
– My lovely notebook

SO-so-so. You wanna thins things to be stolen? If no, take the notebook only is you really need it.

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