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September 3, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

The camping and hiking troubles. If you have got as dream as we – going camping every season and if the camping is dive necessity for you that article is for you. While rest there are troubles always: sometimes they are little, sometimes they are huge. We offer you to read about how to destroy this troubles before they happens! What should you take to destroy «anyhow» camping, how to be the best camping or hiking planner, how not to lose, should you bring the baby foe camoing? Should you bring pets for the hiking? What food and drink should you take not to be hungry and thirsty? What thing should you have to take to make comfort and good condition for everybody? How not to be forgetful and absent minde person? How make your brain working for the hiking? How will not do some silly things and mess of it? How to to be out in the cold? This and other answer of questions we will introduce you today. Bur especially we decided to introduce you the pop-list of camping mistakes!
So let us begin!

– Go to a new place! New places this is actually good thing but select the long-occupied places. Usually there are some shops, water and medicine are sold. It is easier, useful and simpler! SO chose the popular and common places.

– Let us make up a fire just in the tent because it is rain outside and it is cold. No way by any means! Do you want get burn? Do you want you relatives and friends have injured and sores? If no, do not do it by no means!

– Let us start get-together just near the sea (river or waterfall) at night! It is swell thing and romantic one, but safe is the first thing you have to remember! There are not doctors or ambulance near the sea at night, so do the check!

– DO not leave your things alone or on the open places. Or you want your telephone (DVD, TV, and player) to be stolen in broad daylight? If no, just go the first way and everything will be okay. As we made a remark earlier – it is preferably not to brings appliances and various of electronic all for the camping or hiking!

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