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September 1, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

The camping and hiking – these ways are the best to pay enough attention to your relatives and friends. How do not to play a trick and how to organize everything to make everybody happy? And if you want to bring a baby for the hiking is it possible? Yes it is. Just in this article we will give special tips and knowledge about how to make your child felling comfort while camping. So, you have selected to go hiking.

Firstly you have to plan everything. Food and drinks, folk list and of course thing for the camping or equipment in other words. We did not want to be ordinary so we have decided to give you a list of food and drink and equipment. So the food and drink:

– Vegetables and fruits are preferable. They will give you fresh and fit. In addition it is easy to keep and carry it. So take it just now for the camping. Potatoes and cucumbers, tomato and cabbage, berries and cherry, watermelons and strawberry. You will select.

– Hot food. Just take some soups and meals which are hot. If it will be cold weather you take a warm, and it is simply pleasant and swell thing – sitting near the fire at night and having hot meal.

– Drinks. For the baby of course it is milk, juices and spring water. For adults it is cool if you will bring light alcohol drinks, juices also and of course traditional coffee and teas. It is swell also – to count the stars in the sky and having the hot cup of tea.

– Sweets and chocolates. You may take candies only because chocolate is not good in keep. There are many different candies with different tastes and by the way – children like it – so bring!
Just now tips about bringing baby. You must give enough attention to your child cause while camping there are many troubles for her (or him)

– the sea, the mountains etc. You have to take special things (like bottle and baby`s sit) to make a comfort condition for your child. You have to take a mobile phone to hiking and you have to have some contacts and telephones of child`s doctor. If you want to find out more skills about bringing babies and children for camping just now click the link below/. You will bet special equipment, goods and services to make a comfort condition for your children. Just now we have exclusive offers and items for you to economize YOUR money. Do not waste your time and click o make your child`s rest the best hiking ever! We deal with children camping for years so click and be sure – we are the best!

Only in case you are properly prepared for the adventure in the wilderness – you can enjoy about camping vacation. Please visit this camping shop for the great camping tent propositions (and not only camping tent).

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