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Camping is the best way to spend your weekend and holiday – it know people all over the world! The camping and hiking started become popular in 1960, nowadays spending your weekend or holiday at the countryside it is smart and unusual way to spend your time and make get-together. Firstly to go camping you have to make camp persons list to now who will are going for the hiking with you. Some persons may be do not want, someone is not able (it is a pity but life can present everything it wants – disease, work can destroy your camping) so you will have to have you camping list. When you have got it you have to ask everyone about the place he or she wants to go. Mountains? Contryside? Seaside? Waterfalls? Ask everybody not to meet spesiall demands or rows. When you have decided what place you want to go to you can start to pack the things, food and drink, equipment and everything you need. Here you can make up some lists too (food and drink list, kid`s list etc). It will help you to tie everything up while camping and not to forget something when you are returning home.

When you bring the equipment for the camping you have to remember that for every condition and place you have to take special equipment to make the comfort for everybody. For example, if you are going to get the mountains you must take double-warmed sleeping bags, warm tents for everybody etc. If you are going to the see or the place near the river (waterfall, swimming pools) bring swimming costumes and swimming items for the swimming (especially for the kids – the will like them by all means).

Now about food. It is preferably to take vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese because these goods are easy to keep and save. Do not take something like that: chocolate, pasta. It is not comfort to keep it and your things or equipment can be spoiled with these goods.

As you see there are many camping moments, ins and out which are important. Going camping or hiking you have to be in a good shape, so before the hiking you can go the gym three or four times a week if you have got time and money of course. If no, you can do jogging nearby the home – it is good preparation for the hiking.

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