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How to cook while camping and what should you buy? Of course camping or hiking is the best outdoor way but usually while it you want to eat more than in the normal life. How to prepare what do you want? What way can you full up everybody with tasty food? And how make a delusions ones? You are asking and we are answering.

The camping is not camping if you have not fire! – People say and this is clearly true. For example camping stoves: they are comfort, compact and they are easier. Why? Because with one you can control it easy and simply than open fire.

Don’t forget to take cups, dishware and other dish items will be used. You can use it for soups, tea or different drinks. We offer the spoon-fork-knife for our readers. Three things in the one! It has quite interest for the tourist. And also you have to include plastic plates; more knifes to cut vegetables and fruits, meat and potatoes! More comfort – the camping will become cool!

It is well if you find spring water. If no, than you have to take it. Count this way: you need 5-10 litres of botteled water per a day. It will be for food, washing up and even for having a little shower! Always water your hands and use the soap – it will protect you from harmful microbes.

Camping is depend on you actually. It will be terrific and comfort if you take things your company and family need. So now let`s talk about food and drinks. For hiking you have to take more cereals and fruits and tea for breakfast, the popatoes, tomato, onions,cucumbers and tasty meat or hamburgers for dinner. Lastly you have to take something light for the supper – yourgurts, sweets, crisps and other. For example, here are explanation and the example of camping menu for each person for 1 day:

Of course tea
Some cheese
Bread (different kinds of)
Some butter
If you will not take butter take some jam
Milk (if it is possible)

For this one meal you can make some hamburgers or fruit salad. Great select!

For the dinner you can have some meat, different soups , milk goods ( if it is possible of course) , popatoe,butter and other.


Don’t be full up at supper. For supper you need something light: yougurts or vegetable salad ( Greek salad for example). Tea and coffee are welcome!

There are many ways about what to take for camping (food and drinks we mean). You can take lobsters,crabs,prawns , leeks and etc. Everything which will make you a comfort and happy meal! For more information about camping food visit our site!

Only those who are nicely prepared for the adventure in the wilderness – you can get the best excitement about camping vacation. Make sure to visit this camping shop for the great camping tent propositions (and not only camping tent).

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