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Summer! Sea! And of course camping and hiking! But what is up? You have seen people camping only in the movies and in the magazines? Let`s change your life! Now we are helping you with «how to go on camping or hiking firstly»!!!

Try to go place where is a fresh and sweet water. The best if it will be frest spring. If you go camping it could be absent or you could carry it in your car. But if you go hiking – remember – you will not be in a comfort without water. We checked out it! The second thing you have to know – for the first time you have to train for camping. If you are in shape and you keep your form it is OK. But if you are not, week earlier went to the gym or did 4-5 runs around the park which is nearby your house. Just believe it will help you to keep in a good form in a camping. The next one – when you`re camping try to make your camp remotely from the other camp. Why – you`re asking. Because of the fire. If you have gone with friends it would be OK to have meals together but be careful with fire.

The next little trouble with camping are the trees. Of course you can stand down under the trees but this still dangerous so on you have to guard thunderstorms and bird`s nest. Both of them can make trouble with you or your children. Children! This is the main one thing while camping. If you`re going with family and taking children – be careful and make yourself to follow all children steps. By no means don’t allowed children to stand closely to fire. It is quite dangerous.
Yes, you have seen the weather on the nest 2 by TV but… this is the weather and the nature. And it could bring us everything even unwanted things. It would be useful and cool if you will take some pillows and rugs with you. It will present you warm and comfort! Yes,there is one more thimg about comport : make sure that your sleeping bag is comport and soft for you or in the morning you will get a sore back which will be hurt.

And in conclusion don’t forget to take a torch with you. Will you want to have a late supper? Torch will help you. Will you want to find your telephone? It will help you also. Very useful thing!

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