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If you imagine the child having a rest camping or hiking you may will be afraid of it because of problems and troubles while rest. But present your children to have camping at lease one time in their life! To make your hiking and camping comfort and useful for you and your children we will help! Camping with children through the gaming and playing the best way to spend a rest with the pleasure and comfort.

Of course adult folk have more fear with nature, more with comparing to children. So we have to advise some tips and ways about how to make you camping with children perfect! No fear – cool hiking. Here are the tips:

1) Let your children take part in planning hiking. What will you take for having fun? What food and drinks will you take? What equipment should you take? Let children take part in it and they will be in fun and good relationships with you!

2) Think about using backyard to introduce camping style of life to your children. It can be easy spent one day camping in the yard for the beginners.

3) Go camping with other folk who have children then you get somebody who will be playing with your children. Or imagine: you are frying poptatoe so you have to have somebody to look for your child. Your friend will help you! So listen our advice and use this way!

4) Take and bring to the camping flashlights for you and your children. It useful and fun – two in one! With flashlight every member of camp group can easy find food and drinks or everything he or she wants.

5) For the babies take special sleeping bags and tents for her or him. If you are going to go by car that is so useful and cool! But at any rate try to take all the small thing for the baby.

6) Take a musical centre or CD center for the hiking if it is possible. You can take DVD player to show your children cartoons when they want it or for example you are busy but click and turn on the cartoons and your baby will be having fun with cartoons.

7) The last thing – take some comforting items to make kids busy. Dolls, Teddy bears, top, ,Bardies will relieve your child`s rest and camping!

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