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The camping and hiking with pets (especially with cats and dogs) Is it possible? What do you need we mean things and food to make up a comfort camping with your lovely pets? In this article we will try to find out all the beginners’ mistakes while camping with pets, we will learn you some skills and knowledge to have a good fun in camping! Firstly let us make a plan what do we need. In fact we must devote plan to the parts: food and drink for your pet, fun for your pet and of course the comfort condition for ( of course! It goes without saying) for your sweetie!
So let us start. Food and drink list:

– The spring sweet water as much as you could take. It is okay to take the bottled water or water in cans.

– There are no means who is are you going for a camping: will it be your kitten or the dog? No means. The only important thing you have to remember you must take some КОРМА for the pets. ( it could be The Hills or The Advantage ones)

– Fresh meat or fish. For the first case you have got a cat and for the other one you have got the dog or puppy.

– Crisps. You should take it cause you can boiled it with hot water aaaaand here is the meal for your pet!

The next list will be about fun. Let’s have some get-together and joy!
– Bring the balls and other favorite items of your pet for it. It will be easy to take it with something while you are busy ( for example with preparing meal)

– It will be great if you will take mini TV or DVD player. Many kittens and puppies like watching TV and films…even the cartoons! No way

– you said! We say – this is white true! So let’s take it – it can be useful as for your pets as for you and as for your children

– Due to the special online stores and services you can ask them about offering some toys and fun items for your pet

If you want to see the next one list which is about the comfort condition for your pet visit us or call us and you ill get more advice and more possibilities to make your camping or hiking cool! Do not waste your time and be with us cause we are the best one! Just imagine: you will get this everything when you visit us:
– Video lessons about Camping with pets
– Special doctors and vets advices
– Skills and more about how to be hiking with little pets ( we mean kitten or puppy etc.)

Just join us and be the best! Have the best camping ever! Good luck!

Only in case you are nicely prepared for the adventure in the wilderness – you can get the best excitement about camping holiday. Make sure to visit this camping shop for the great camping tent offers (and not only camping tent).

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