A Great Camping Adventure Come True With Vango Tents

March 4, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Planning.

Tents have been here and there for thousands of years, being the basic shelter of wandering people especially of the inhabitants of the Middle East and Northern Africa. The American Indians have also another modification of this kind of shelter in the form of the teepee. A tent is mostly just a fabric or any other similar material wrapped over a set of poles or fastened to a rope. This is the basic style which has now changed to become more sophisticated and to meet the needs of modern campers.

The basic style of the Bedouin tent now comes in several styles and designs. You can select from dome tents, tunnel tents, A-frame tents among others. You can obtain a wonderful variety of Coleman tents which have significantly exceeded the simple comforts of their regular equivalent.

Being your shelter during camp, a tent should be made of high quality materials to be able to withstand the unpredictable weather conditions. The thin fabric of your tent is the only thing that separates you from the elements outside. Waterproof fabric is very important since you will either have a fun weekend in the outdoors even if it suddenly starts raining or you can be all wet and very miserable indeed.

Rain resistance of the fabric can be done by using common treatments such as coating of polyurethane or infusing with silicone. It is also important that the seams are made water resistant since stitching can result to minute holes in the fabric and this can be done by applying water sealant. The poles and stakes should also be sturdy and resilient so that they can hold out even in the harshest weather.

Contemporary tents such as Khyam tents are tried in the natural weather situation to make sure that they perform their best. So when heading for the outdoors shop, have a list of criteria of what you need your camp shelter to be. Just like when you are choosing your dream house, you need to take everything into consideration – coziness, value for money, durability, and other personal concerns.

Contemporary tents have gone a long way from the traditional style of the wandering people to concentrate on the rising needs of today’s campers. But it still goes back to the basic necessity of a place to sleep after a grueling yet fun day outside.

Manufacturing corporations, together with those which create Vango tents, indeed knew this and so they produced the many kinds and designs fit for your specific needs, even your pet can now experience the same comfort. Ask the land manager in your vicinity for a nice camping location, arrange your outdoor adventure, decide what you need for the excursion, go to the local sporting goods store, and start your preparations. This will be a great outdoor experience!

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