Why Kelty Mantra 7 is the Best Tent

April 12, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Gear.

Are you tired of the modern day hustle and bustle? A vacation to a tourist spot may just as well be a trip to the mall. There are too many people around you to feel relaxed. When you are ready to completely disengage from modern life, nothing is better than backpacking.

Backpacking allows you to truly get in touch with nature. There is nothing more awe inspiring than a night out in the hills with the stars and moon shinning in the sky. You can actually sleep outside have fun a lot of fun. However, you may also find terrible weather and see the need for a tent.

Not only is it a good idea to carry a tent it is also wise to choose a good quality tent. You can do with a 3 season tent that is not too heavy to carry such as the kelty teton 2. Even if you decide to carry a simple tent, you should make sure that you choose a tent that is study enough to save you from the bad weather.

After spending the whole day walking and carrying your tent, the least you can expect from it is to have adequate space. Though you wish to reduce the weight of what you carry, you also need to have a tent that is spacious enough for your tired body. Try out the tent at the store and find out how spacious it is.

We are usually tempted to buy the cheapest products we can get. The wisdom of which is tested when you are on your own in bad weather. Instead of cheap tents, you should look for a tent that gives you value for money. Kelty are a great source for value tents. Being a miser whilst choosing a tent, will probably lead to long nights and tired days in the wild.

Backpacking is fun. However, how you prepare for one and the quality of tent that you carry can let you down. Spend the right amount of time selecting a tent that is easy for you to carry, easy to set up and good for your pocket and you will have the best time you can dream of.

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