Texsport Jumbo Camp Cot First Hand Review

July 14, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Gear.

On the box it says that this camping cot has a water resistant and tough canvas and a tough frame that will support up to 300 pounds.

It’s not the easiest of cots to set up and you’d have to be strong to do it. The instructions don’t help very much though especially they don’t have a pictures.

If you are big then you would at least appreciate the size. Luckily this one is tough too and works well on uneven ground.

Too bad again that comfort is not its forte. You could use a air mattress on top if you want comfort bad enough but I really don’t see the point of the cot at all.

Unless there’s no choice I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

Below are other reviews:

When I moved into my current apartment, I slept on one of these for a month until I finally found a new bed. It’s a good size — I’m 6 foot 2 inches and I could stretch out comfortably. It’s also very sturdy and sets up quickly. You will probably want to add a thin foam pad for some extra cushion.

I think anybody giving this cot a five star rating is far more generous than I. The canvas is decent quality, but the build doesn’t look like it could handle anything but the slightest inadvertent abuse. Within about 14 seconds, the paint was already rubbing/flaking/chipping off the aluminum frame. The picture-free directions are POOR, so let me clue you in, if you’re a tall person who wants a cot they can fit on — this one being capable of fitting that bill. If your cot DOESN’T match the pictures on the box, or the picture in this listing, put the end rod with the hole farthest from the end on –last– so you have some leverage. Hard to explain without the capability of pictures in the review, but this will make more sense with the item in front of you.

The other review says something about “maybe some thin foam padding” might help. It’ll take a lot more than that to make this sucker comfortable due to the current taughtness of the canvas which might relax over time to make it more livable.

Is it more comfortable (as is) than ground outside? Sure. Why not. Is it much more comfortable -inside- than sleeping on the carpet? Not particularly.

If you’re a tall pup and don’t want your feet hanging off the end of a cot, and this is the only game in town due to pets wanting to use infinitely-more-comfortable inflatables as claw toys, then DON’T pay over $50, buy some serious padding, give it a go, and put on the “overly long” end connector on -last-.

If you have any other options for a snooze, use them instead.

And don’t put a guest on this thing, unless you hate your guest.

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