Memorable Camping Experience: Wearing The Right Camping Apparel

January 13, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Gear.

If you have ever gone camping with the wrong type of clothing, then you already know what a disaster it can be.

The type of camping equipment you bring is critical for your overall experience in the woods. So camping while wearing your regular street clothes and assuming it will be enough to keep you warm or dry will quickly change your mind.

Clothes you wear every day just aren’t sufficient to keep you comfortable and protect you from the elements you normally face when camping.

The Details Behind the Clothes

The technology in camping clothes is very sophisticated compared to many years ago. There are many aspects to camping clothes that really do help when you are outside for a large portion of the day, and are made specifically for that type of environment.

The materials themselves are advanced now, with most allowing water from natural elements, as well as sweat, to escape without entering the fabric. This is a great help for the inevitable rain that comes during some of your camping adventures. If you wind up soaked, you’ll wish you had brought an RV instead of setting up camp.

Keeping the Water Out

Moisture is generally one of the biggest problems campers face, making them uncomfortable and cold at night. The newer material – such as laminates and coatings made of micro porous fabrics – keeps this moisture out to keep you warm and dry.

Monolithic membranes also help the water escape while preventing any additional moisture from entering the clothing. It uses body heat that you naturally generate to get rid of water vapor. So even as you are hard at work, the sweat you have will dissipate because of your natural heat.

The Type of Material Matters

Another option for clothing material is between nylon and polyester. Both are very popular with campers, with newer polyester material usage growing rapidly along with other standard camping apparel.

Both provide durability and are very “breathable” material, but polyester keeps you warmer. It really depends which time of the year you decide to go camping as to which one you would likely prefer.

Down filled materials that seem to be very popular with campers are not as efficient an option as the newer materials. Although they keep you very warm, wetness that seeps in will remain for a very long time.

Comfort is a Priority

You are best served by synthetic clothes that provide just as much warmth and are capable of drying more quickly than down.

When you head out for a camping trip, it is important for the enjoyment of your trip to be comfortable. There is little worse than spending a few miserable days outside.

So, the next time you plan your camping trip, take time to look for clothes that are specifically geared to camping so that you are able to remain comfortable, warm, and dry.

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