Getting Superior Gear For Serious Spring Outdoors Activities With Merrell Shoes

March 17, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Gear.

Twenty-eight years ago, 3 people came up with the idea that what the world wanted was superior shoes for the outdoorsman and sportsperson, and Merrell shoes were born in Waitsfield, Vermont. The people who had the idea were Clark Matis, Randy Merrell and J. Schweitzer. Since ’81 this brand has continued its commitment to excellence and high quality footwear for hikers, runners and other outdoorsmen. The initial product that the company conceived was a hiking boot that was suited to the feet of Americans rather than Europeans, with a much broader toe and a narrower heel shape. For men and women, the options from Merrell shoes for casual shoes include boots, slip ons, lace ups and sandals. For active wear, choose from winter, running, hiking, and multi-sport shoes.

Merrell shoes are known for the well-built, durable construction of their product, the Vibram sole that is characteristic of the brand, as well as an air cushion situated in the heel of the shoe (or boot) that cannot be popped and which creates a cushion for the heel that is unsurpassed in comfort. The variety of shoe types) that are contained within the Merrell brand is today one of the bought by Karhu USA and again in 1997 when it was purchased by Wolverine Worldwide Outdoor Group. Obviously, there are several other shoe brands offering active footwear, but Merrell has proven to be a big favorite because their footwear is both stylish and functional.

Merrell sandals have continued to push the boundaries of outdoor recreational footwear and outerwear and has a promise to the people that it serves, to provide the best fitting, most comfortable, highest quality product that can be delivered, for the most reasonable price. And purchasers have rewarded the company for its loyalty to them by keeping loyal to Merrell! Merrell shoes are known the world over for their great manufacture, craftsmanship and design. The company has extended its focus from shoes to a clothing line which incorporates materials that are literally on the bleeding edge of outdoor technologies.

In some cases, companies have failed to see the writing on the wall and change with the times, but this isn’t the case with Merrell comfortable shoes. As with all things, this brand has continued to make and develop new markets since it was first conceived in 1981 and people who like to get outdoors and exercise will continue to rely on the superior products from Merrell for their shoe and outer clothing needs for years to come.

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