Buying a Camping Stove: What You Need To Be Aware Of

April 5, 2009 | By Guest | Filed in: Camping Gear.

Camping can a ton of fun if you have the right equipment to make it an enjoyable time rather than wishing you had reserved a cabin instead. Among your camping supplies, a camping stove should be considered a must – especially if you camp often – because it just makes cooking more convenient and easy for your family and friends.

Although most campsites have a fire pit that you can cook on, that approach to your “outdoor cuisine” is difficult for someone who is not familiar cooking over an open flame. Bringing along a camping stove makes meal preparation quicker and more efficient.

A camping stove is not very expensive, and really does add a nice benefit to your camping trip. There are a few tips, however, you should be aware of before buying one. You ought not buy a camping stove at just any store.

Rather, make the effort to specifically visit a sporting goods store or a reputable camping dealer who specializes in such items. Staffs that are familiar with camping products are important because they can provide you helpful hints on how to use them and, in the case of a stove, how much food it typically holds.

More specifically they can explain how to assemble the product, or instead do the work for you for a small fee. Depending on the limits of your prior knowledge, that could save you several hours figuring out how to put it together.

You should also buy the stove from a merchant that accepts returns in case you find that you do not like the particular camping stove purchased.

The best camping stove option is one that comes complete with two burners. This allows your “chef” to cook one item of food while another person prepares something else.

Simply, it is just more convenient and time efficient to cook a full meal with two burners. Once out in the woods, you will not regret the additional cost of the extra burner!

When it comes to fuel, various camping stoves work with different fuels. For an environmentally friendly product, you should consider a stove that uses white gas. It is also the least expensive of all your fuel options. Always use refillable containers so you reuse them repeatedly rather than purchasing a new one for each trip.

Finally, if you plan to camp in a location at an altitude over 10,000 feet, ask whether the stove you are interested in will actually function there. Some models are made specifically for this.

Camping can be very enjoyable if you have the right equipment. A simple, but fully functional outdoor stove should be included as part of your essential gear.

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